Other Services

I thought it would be useful to point out services I offer in addition to the subsidised DHB and Business Superannuation.


If you have bought or about to buy a house you would be advised to take out life and disability insurance. Also if you have started a family you would be advised to look at these also. I can assist with these by doing an analysis of your situation and recommending an appropriate solution. I appreciate in these cases of a house purchase banks often direct you to their insurance providers. Based on some results I have seen here the advice given has had shortcomings.

Lump sum or regular investment

Should you have a lump sum via perhaps the maturing of a term deposit or an inheritance, I can offer advice on a portfolio service. This service is with OneAnswer (owned by ANZ Bank) and takes care of buying, selling and holding investment products on your instructions.

You have access to a wide range of investments from managed funds, NZ and International shares and fixed interest through to NZ cash and major foreign currencies. I also offer a range of unit trusts which are ideal for regular investment.

Financial Planning

You are always more likely to achieve your goals if you plan things. Having a financial plan means you are more likely to achieve your financial goals. I can provide a financial plan which will incorporate retirement planning, risk management, tax, budgeting and estate planning. I charge a fee for this service which typically is in the range of $600-$1000 depending on the complexity.

Residential mortgage finance

Should you be looking for residential mortgage finance for a new property or looking to refinance, myself and a colleague can assist with this. My colleague is a trained lawyer so can assist in avoiding pitfalls and give value added advice. We deal with two major lenders.