My Portfolio

Since selling down some of my portfolio in June 2018 to reduce debt, I purchased some additional shares in Apple and Facebook. As you may recall, markets had taken a hit in the last quarter of 2018, so I managed to pick these up at discount prices.

The reason for increasing these holdings is that Apple has an ecosystem of loyal, well-off customers who continue to support the brand. While they have not brought out any real innovations more recently, they have a huge pile of cash which they can and are deploying into projects such as self-driving cars and an Apple version of Netflix.

While Facebook has had its share of issues recently, people remain users and its advertising revenue continues to grow. Their other platforms of Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram offer large potential growth opportunities.

In March this year I sold my shares in ERoad and used these funds to increase my holdings in Vista. The reason for this was that while I understand ERoad is doing well, Vista in my view offers greater growth upside in the medium term.

I have just purchased some additional Microsoft shares. The reason for this is the great growth opportunity that Microsoft has, along with Amazon, in the cloud computing space.