Direct investment

John's Portfolio

I have some direct share investments and I thought I’d provide an update on changes in my portfolio and the reasons for these.

During 2014 I bought some Google shares at US$1201 per share. They have since split into A and C shares. The reason for investing in these is that Google is now well established and has substantial cash flows and numerous business interests in growth areas of the technology world. Staying on the technology theme I invested in E Road which is a NZ Technology company which supplies software to the transport industry. I paid $3.55 a share for these which are currently sitting at $3.79. I recently sold my Santos shares (at a small loss) for $11.66 based on the drop in oil prices. I am pleased I did as they are now sitting at $7.55 a share. I used the proceeds to buy Sirtex Medical which is a company that makes a product that treats liver cancer. I took the opportunity to sell a small number of my Tower shares (for a profit) in their share buy back offer. I made a modest investment at float time in Orion Healthcare which I am sure you are all familiar with (Hospital software among other products). Lastly I added funds to my investment in the Devon Alpha Fund.