Preparing for your retirement can be a daunting task - but the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. 

Tonkin Financial helps medical professionals get their retirement planning on track. We’ll work with you to ensure that:

  • You’re getting the superannuation that you’re entitled to
  • You’ve got a plan in place that gives you the best chance of achieving your goals, both while you’re working and when you’re retired
  • Your plan is being effectively executed and you’re progressing towards targeted outcomes

Retirement planning isn’t just about signing up to your superannuation scheme. It’s about working with a professional to ensure that you’ve got an achievable plan in place that leads to the future outcomes that you want.

If you’re a medical professional working for an Auckland region District Health Board, you could be missing out on 6% of your income being paid as superannuation.

Talk to the team at Tonkin Financial today to find out more about your superannuation entitlements and to make sure you’re going to have the retirement you want.