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About Tonkin Financial Services

Over the past three decades, we've assisted hundreds of medical professionals employed by a greater Auckland District Health Boards with their wealth management and protection, retirement planning and investment needs. 

In the busyness of life - especially for time-poor medical professionals - it can be all too easy to put financial planning to the side; a 'task' for another day that gets bumped down the to-do list of priorities. 

But here's the thing: how proactive we are with our finances, and how well we understand what we want our money to achieve for our lives, the more financially able we are to live the life we aspire to.

And that's perhaps where we provide the most value: helping our clients determine what they want to achieve at different milestones and stages in life, and how they are going to get there financially. 

As all good relationships begin, we start by listening. To define the right solutions for your needs - be that in retirement planning and employer contributions, investment strategies, insurance and risk management or other - the most important thing we can do when we first meet, is to get to know you and to fully understand what you want to achieve.

In our book, a quality financial advice relationship is long term - it starts with a smart, tailored solution, but is supported by ongoing guidance and expertise as your needs - and goals - change over time. If you'd like to find out more about Tonkin Financial Services and how we may be able to assist you, we welcome you to get in contact. 

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A few words from our clients

“I have been investing DHB Super with John since the mid 2000’s and more recently some personal investing. I have found him well informed about the markets, able to take on board my concerns and suggestions and after providing balanced information he always leaves the final decision on allocation to the investor. John is readily contactable to review your portfolio should conditions change and encourages regular reviews."
Dr Mike Louw
“John has been my financial adviser since I came to New Zealand from the UK six years ago. He has looked after my and my wife’s pension, life insurance, and income protection with expertise, as well providing valuable general financial advice. He is always friendly, reliable and responsive. I would highly recommend him.”
Dr Paul Dawkins
“John has advised me on investments, superannuation and KiwiSaver. I have always found him to be helpful, trustworthy and responsive”
Dr J.J.