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11 May 2021
Why invest in property? Extract from Property Investment in New Zealand. A strategy for wealth.
Many people start off in property investment because they have some spare cash, perhaps from their s…
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10 May 2021
The world in 2030: Investing for the next decade: Investment insights from Capital Group February 18, 2021
The world in 2030 may seem a long way off, but at Capital Group we spend a lot of time thinking abou…
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10 May 2021
The need for insurance
I just thought it was an opportune time to outline why it’s important to have adequate insurance cov…
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07 May 2021
How to invest in a toppy market: From AFR Weekend 24-25 April 2021
The ASX, like sharemarkets globally, is rallying on an optimistic growth story. The one potential hi…
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20 Oct 2020
On your bike then
As easy as 1,2,3 Norman Lazarus says good health at 80 requires making a start at adopting a simple …
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“John has been my financial adviser since I came to New Zealand from the UK six years ago. He has looked after my and my wife’s pension, life insurance, and income protection with expertise, as well providing valuable general financial advice. He is always friendly, reliable and responsive. I would highly recommend him.”
Dr Paul Dawkins
20 Oct 2020
Recent question and answer webinar with Hamish Douglas from the Magellan group on markets.
The key is what happens in the senate. Currently there are 100 seats in the senate, 53 Republican an…
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10 Sep 2020
Where to now for tech stocks. Sarah Turner reports
While the sector offers the chance of owning a growth play in a low-rate environment, recent share p…
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03 Aug 2020
Top 3 investment themes for the next 10 years
Capital (a large US fund manager) asked three of its fund managers to name their top three investmen…
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