As a medical professional, you’ve made a significant investment in your capacity to earn through your medical training. If you were unable to leverage this investment into earning an income, how would this affect you and your family?

Tonkin Financial can help you identify the financial risks you face and work with you to ensure you and your family are better off in the event of you being unable to work, suffer an illness or unexpectedly pass away.

We can work with you to construct a tailored insurance plan constructed from a range of products:


Pays a lump sum covering your key financial risks in the event of your unexpected death.

Income Protection

Covers your income so in the event of you being unable to work, your family can survive financially.

Health Insurance

Provides you with immediate access to high quality health care in the event of you becoming ill, so you can get back to earning faster.


Trauma insurance

In the event of you becoming critically ill, pays a lump sum that enables you to focus on recovery, not your financial commitments.


Get in touch with the Tonkin Financial team today to talk about how a tailored insurance plan can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus creating a better future.