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How are you taking care of your financial health? Do you have a plan in place to maximise your earnings and investment potential? What kind of post-work life do you aspire to – and how will you protect your finances in the meantime? All important questions that the team at Tonkin Financial is here to help you with.

The financial health of medical professionals employed by the Greater Auckland District Health Boards has been our mission for over 30 years. Working closely with you throughout your financial life, we can help you: maximise your earnings and investment potential; design a financial plan for your pre and post-work life; and protect what you've work so hard for.

But perhaps most importantly, we’re committed to guiding you and supporting you for the long term; in your corner with expert advice as your needs and goals change over time.

Growing and protecting your wealth.

You’ve worked hard for the life you’ve built. Now it's time to make your finances work just as hard for your future.

Let's start by pondering some important questions like: Do you have an investment plan to reach your short and long-term goals? Are you getting all the superannuation you’re entitled to? And what about a safety net if things don’t go as planned?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped hundreds of medical professionals, like you, to grow their wealth through superannuation and investment, to plan for their retirement aspirations, and to protect their financial future from the unexpected.

How can we help you make your financial health a priority? 

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Contemplating your retirement lifestyle?

After years both training and working in the medical professional, your post-work life should reflect your hard work and deliver the retirement lifestyle you envision. But it takes deciding what that looks like, when it is going to happen, and sound planning to get there. 

What do you imagine when you think of retirement? You may dream of adventurous travels or newfound time with the family. Or perhaps you plan to explore developing new talents or putting your skills to work in different ways.

Whatever your retirement aspiration are, each goal you set is a stepping stone to achieving your vision. How can we help you design your post-work life?

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Working for a District Health Board in the Greater Auckland region? Are you missing out on up to six per cent of your income?

Many medical professionals working for District Health Boards in the greater Auckland Region don’t realise that if they haven't opted in to their employer's Superfund contribution, they may be missing out on as much as six percent of their annual income being paid as superannuation, KiwiSaver or a mix of both. 

Like to maximise your earning potential and the value of employer contributions to your retirement planning? Talk to the team at Tonkin Financial – we can help you ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the benefits you’re entitled to.

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The Tonkin Financial Difference

Specialist advice for medical professionals.

For over 30 years, we've helped medical professionals maximise their earning potential and the value of employer contributions to their retirement planning. How can we help you?
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A few words from our clients

“John has been my financial adviser since I came to New Zealand from the UK six years ago. He has looked after my and my wife’s pension, life insurance, and income protection with expertise, as well providing valuable general financial advice. He is always friendly, reliable and responsive. I would highly recommend him.”
Dr Paul Dawkins
“I have been investing DHB Super with John since the mid 2000’s and more recently some personal investing. I have found him well informed about the markets, able to take on board my concerns and suggestions and after providing balanced information he always leaves the final decision on allocation to the investor. John is readily contactable to review your portfolio should conditions change and encourages regular reviews."
Dr Mike Louw
“John has advised me on investments, superannuation and KiwiSaver. I have always found him to be helpful, trustworthy and responsive”
Dr J.J.

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