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20 Oct 2020
Recent question and answer webinar with Hamish Douglas from the Magellan group on markets.
The key is what happens in the senate. Currently there are 100 seats in the senate, 53 Republican an…
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10 Sep 2020
Where to now for tech stocks. Sarah Turner reports
While the sector offers the chance of owning a growth play in a low-rate environment, recent share p…
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03 Aug 2020
Top 3 investment themes for the next 10 years
Capital (a large US fund manager) asked three of its fund managers to name their top three investmen…
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30 Jul 2020
Cameron Bagrie (NZ Economist) thoughts on the NZ and Global economies
Where we've been, where we are and what's next - expert economist views on the New Zealand and globa…
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09 Feb 2020
Day of reckoning for family trusts
Trusts were once a sign of success, but forthcoming legislation will undermine their value.
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